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Our Isles and Oceans partners with Snap Innovations

Apr 29, 2022 | Latest News

Our Isles and Oceans partnered with Snap Innovations Inc. for our Spring 2022 programme, which provides the newest way to make crucial connections at sea with their ‘SEA-Snap’ and ‘Talon’ range of rapid connectors.

Based in Halifax, Canada, Snap Innovations is the commercial arm of Enginuity Inc, a creative engineering and product development team solving complex problems in harsh environments.

Our partners at Snap consist of a team of creators – engineers, innovators, and product development specialists from a variety of backgrounds including sailing, marine engineering, sport product development, hunting and fishing. 

At the centre of the business are Ben Garvey, Alf Trower and Doug Jones; of which, Ben and Alf joined the OIAO team in Oban for the Our Isles and Oceans programme launch on 25th April.

Alf Trower, Director of Business Development, says Snap Innovations is pleased to partner with Our Isles and Oceans.

“We’re proud to support the next generation of go-getters and adventurers in learning new skills while being able to introduce our product to the yacht sailing and racing community in the western isles.

“Nova Scotia and Scotland share the same geology, industries and history.

“This is a fitting way to build on the connection between the ‘two Scotlands’.”

The Snap team had the opportunity to meet and mingle with the first group of Ambassadors for this programme, as well as see the Our Isles and Oceans yacht in action as it headed out on its first sail.

Our Isles and Oceans is excited to partner with Snap Innovations over the course of the programme and is grateful for the support and mentorship as we work towards our common vision of creating youth development and opportunity.

The Snap Talon in action.

Our Isles and Oceans’ values align with Snap’s in driving impact, change, sustainability and youth progression – or, as the Snap and Enginuity teams say – to “get shit done!”. Snap Innovations Inc. is a subsidiary of Enginuity Inc., Atlantic Canada’s premier creative design engineering firm and we look forward to continuing to collaborate over the course of our programme.

Find Snap Innovations at www.snapin.me and on their socials:

Find Enginuity at www.enginuityinc.ca and on their socials:


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